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Smart Class MOU

Smart Class MOU: Rooman & Taiwan Partner Agreement

Rooman Technologies, a premier IT training company based in Bangalore and voted India’s No. 1 in Networking and Internet Security, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Taiwan-based firm for a smart class initiative. The MOU signing took place during the 2019 Taiwan-India Industrial Collaboration Summit held in Taipei on October 17th, attended by over 250 Taiwanese officials and academic representatives.

The Skill India initiative is designed to foster collaboration in training talent within the electronics industry. Consequently, with the support of the Taiwanese government, manufacturers are being aided in their efforts to penetrate the Indian market. In line with this, Bengaluru-based Rooman Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure, management solutions, and technology training, thereby offering significant contributions to the initiative.

Smart Class MOU: An Overview of Rooman Technologies’ Background

Rooman Technologies is a premier IT training company in India, voted as India’s No. 1 in Networking and Internet Security. It offers a wide range of programs, including:

  • Job Guaranteed Courses
  • Certification Courses
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Skilling Programs
  • Affiliate Program

Key Highlights

  • We successfully signed an MOU with Argos-Labs, a pioneering low-code AI/ML platform situated in Silicon Valley. Consequently, this agreement aims to globalize Argos products, specifically targeting the SAARC and Middle East regions, thereby expanding our market reach.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the Bosch BRIDGE program, Bosch’s initiative for social responsibility in India stands as a testament to its commitment.
  • Successfully secured the prestigious SKOCH Gold Award, specifically in the Skill Development category, demonstrating exceptional performance and achievement.
  • Provides IT infrastructure and management solutions, including structured cabling, desktop and server support, and network consulting. Additionally, it offers managed network services, network automation, and data center design. Furthermore, IT staffing solutions are available to meet diverse needs.
  • Offers video management and analytics solutions, in addition to cybersecurity solutions, and also provides IoT solutions for areas such as solid waste management, fleet management, and asset management.
  • Provides a comprehensive Integrated Business Management Platform, which includes, but is not limited to, CRM, inventory management, and purchase management. Furthermore, it encompasses manufacturing management, sales management, and workflow management, among others, offering a seamless and holistic approach to business operations.

Smart Class MOU: Leading Digital Transformation Globally

Based in Bangalore, India, Rooman Technologies is not only an ISO 9001-2015 certified entity but also a SEI-CMMI Level 3 company boasting a worldwide footprint. Initially established with the ambitious goal of delivering integrated and cutting-edge technology solutions, Rooman actively forges partnerships with global IT leaders and OEMs. Furthermore, it positions itself as a next-generation global technology and solutions enterprise dedicated to assisting organizations in reimagining their operations for the digital era. Moreover, by engaging in customers’ digital transformation endeavors, Rooman provides crucial support with advanced technology expertise in domains such as cybersecurity, cloud, enterprise networks, and more. Importantly, Rooman distinguishes itself through its profound skill set and commitment to the timely delivery of solutions and services, invariably adhering to international standards.

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Smart Class MOU: The Taiwanese Firm and Partnership Details Unveiled

2019 Taiwan-India Industrial Collaboration Summit

At the 2019 Taiwan-India Industrial Collaboration Summit, which was held in Taipei on October 17th, a multitude of partnerships were forged between Taiwanese and Indian companies. Significantly, among these, Rooman Technologies, a leading IT training company based in Bangalore, actively took part in the summit. Moreover, during this event, Rooman Technologies notably signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a firm based in Taiwan, specifically aiming to launch a ‘Smart Class’ initiative.

Partnership for Talent Cultivation in India

In pursuit of this objective, the partnership is keenly focused on leveraging Taiwan’s renowned expertise in the electronics industry to cultivate talent within India. Furthermore, emphasizing this goal, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan has pointed out the establishment of 55 Taiwanese electronics companies, which have made significant supply chain settlements in central and southern India. Moreover, as India strengthens its role as a key manufacturing hub for electronic components—accelerated by the global supply chain realignment stemming from the US-China trade war—the Taiwanese government is actively promoting the entry of its manufacturers into the Indian market.

Consequently, this collaboration between Rooman Technologies and the Taiwan-based firm is strategically positioned to capitalize on India’s burgeoning electronics sector.

Notable Partnerships at the Summit

The collaboration summit witnessed several other notable partnerships, including:

  • Gundam Energy and Abhishek India signed a power supply solution for the Indian electric vehicle market.
  • Sun Hui and India’s Smile Electronics partnered to apply electronic hardcover materials to PCB and electronic assembly.
  • Net Information and Rooman Technologies joined forces to provide digital learning solutions for educational institutions in India.

Rooman Technologies, known for collaborating with industry partners to provide access to the latest technologies and premium technical support, aims to leverage this MOU to further its offerings in the Indian market.

Smart Class MOU-Driven Smart Classroom Solutions

Rooman Technologies is actively engaging with industry experts to design and deliver cutting-edge training programs on trending topics such as data science, machine learning, AI, IoT, and cybersecurity. They offer flexibility in terms of time, location, and remuneration for these experts, providing the necessary infrastructure, content support, and training to help them become effective trainers. Rooman also involves the experts in the student selection process to ensure that the right audience benefits from the training.

The company is dedicated to tailoring teaching modules, patterns, and support materials to meet experts’ preferences, incorporating in-class sessions, quizzes, discussions, and more. Additionally, they provide a diverse array of programs, such as:

  • Job Guaranteed Courses
  • Certification Courses
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Skilling Programs
  • Affiliate Program

Furthermore, Rooman Technologies underscores the significance of maintaining a leading position in the swiftly changing technological environment. Consequently, by incorporating advanced concepts and technologies into their curriculum, they ensure that students are armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in Industry 4.0 and beyond. This progressive strategy distinctly positions Rooman Technologies as a trailblazer in tech education. It ensures graduates are well-equipped to tackle digital age complexities and opportunities.

Additionally, they offer dedicated Student Success Managers for every 20 students, serving as counselors, mentors, and teaching assistants.

Rooman Technologies employs a ‘Flipped Classroom’ methodology for online training, engaging students through interactive sessions and virtual group projects. Moreover, they streamline the placement process with their dedicated Placement Cell, ‘Naukriforu.’ Additionally, Rooman Technologies provides industry-recognized certificates from esteemed agencies like NASSCOM, NSDC, and Skill India.

Future Prospects and Vision: Enhancing Education Through the Smart Class MOU

In India, AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Data Science are not only revolutionizing jobs but also demanding skills in e-commerce, cybersecurity, and app development. Consequently, these advancements are generating new roles and, moreover, transforming sectors such as finance and supply chain. Furthermore, expertise in data analytics has become vital for formulating competitive business strategies.

Rooman Technologies’ vision is to integrate global innovation, technology, and skills to empower people, society, and businesses. Their mission is to:

  •  In line with this objective, Rooman Technologies imparts quality training to empower youth.
  • To achieve this, Rooman Technologies integrates global technologies to introduce innovative products and solutions.
  • Increase global presence through associations and partnerships
  • Set up a global education campus

With this mission in mind, Rooman provides:


IT Infrastructure & Management

Cybersecurity Solutions

IoT Solutions

Enterprise Software Products

– Structured cabling

– Desktop & server support

– Network consulting

– Managed network services

– Consulting

– Security device installations

– Infrastructure & cloud security

– Identity & access management

– SIEM solutions

– Solid waste management

– Fleet management

– Asset management

– Integrated business management platform

– Hospital bed management software


– Process automation solutions

Given its diverse offerings and steadfast commitment, Rooman Technologies is indisputably poised to significantly contribute to India’s digital age growth.


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