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Paid Apprenticeship & Job Opportunity In Food Tech Roles

About the Opportunity

A long-term permanent job opportunity in Germany after a 3-year paid apprenticeship program. Get the offer letter from German employer before paying any program fees. Option for PR after 5 years allowing you to work all over Europe.More than 200 of our candidates who have availed this opportunity a recurrently in Germany, 300+ are currently under training. The opportunity starts with a 3-year vocational training program in Germany where candidates earn a stipend.

Our clients (German employers) have vacancies for Food Technician roles in Germany:

  • Steel fixer

  • Concrete worker

  • Road builder

  • Bricklayer


  • Age: 18 - 28 years.
  • 12th pass in science
  • Degree in Food Tech preferred
  • Do not have Problem with Meat Related Work (touching and tasting for quality control)
  • Soft skills – team player and ability to work in an International working environment.

Key Benefits

  • This is a 3-year paid vocational training program in Germany. It is followed by an assured long term permanent job.
  • Stipend during the training period
  • 1 st Year - € 900/month
    2nd Year - € 950/month
    3 rd Year - € 1050/month
  • 127 € rent allowance extra
  • Other monthly allowances for 3 years:
  • 100 €, no excused absence
    90 €, 1 day excused absence
    80 €, 2 days excused absence
    70 €, 3 days excused absence
  • A choice to work anywhere in Germany/EU.
  • Guaranteed job with starting salary ~ €2300- €2600 monthly
  • The program provides opportunity for higher education.
  • No prior experience mandatory.
  • No IELTS exam required.
  • Apply for PR & then citizenship after 5 years.
  • No blocked account is required for this program.
  • Globally renowned social security benefits – free health, education for children, travel subsidies etc.


Tools & Softwares

Payment Schedule Rate in INR Remarks

Registration Advance / Security Deposit(SD)

INR 10,000

  • Within three days of intimation of CV
    (Will be Adjusted in overall fees)
  • Refund applicable as per the policy

1st Installment (A)

On receipt of Offer Letter (within 5 days)

INR 270,000*

  • Including Registration Advance already paid.
  • It includes EUIC fees of 300 Euro (exchange rate as actual)
  • GST (18%) is additional INR 43,740

2nd Installment (B)

On Intimation of successful clearance of

German Language B1 examination and receipt

of Employer Offer Letter (within 5 days)

INR 200,000*

  • About 5 months after the offer letter
  • GST (18%) is additional INR 27,900
  • About 2 months after clearing the German B1 exam
  • It includes EUIC fees of 500 Euro (exchange rate as actual)

Total to be paid (A)+(B)

INR 470,000 *

GST 18% (INR 71,640) is additional

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