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Institutions and organizations use computer networks no matter which sector they operate in. This computer network needs to be managed with a certain discipline. Providing advanced security consultancy, Sibertime becomes a solution partner against external threats to network networks within the company. We think that a network not equipped with security software is like a door with a broken lock. Sibertime believes that the computer network should be monitored by an outside eye, the problems occurring in the network should be resolved, reported and controlled; Only by purchasing such programs, although believing that in this way, errors in the environment can be identified immediately, and that the vast majority of products known in the commercial market fulfill this function, We know that monitoring and management of the computer network cannot be fully achieved. When this situation is evaluated as a whole, “security” is a professional team work. Together with our experienced team, we believe in the necessity of solution partnership to ensure your information security and continue our work in this direction.



Learn about Topics like web application basics, an introduction to cryptography and working with shells.


Learn about Topics in cloud security like containers, Kubernetes, and cloud architecture.


Learn about Topics like the SOC management process, enterprise architecture and Windows logging.


Learn about Topics like secure coding, web attacker methodology and input validation.

designation system

The following key system explains how our course designations work.

Course Level
  • 100 - Beginner Curriculum
  • 200 - Foundational Curriculum
  • 300 - Advanced Curriculum
  • 400 - Expert Curriculum
OS Designation​
  • 0 - Multiple OS
  • 1 - Windows
  • 2 - macOS
  • 3 - Linux
Designation Example: PEN-201
  • PEN = Track
  • 2 = Tier/Difficulty
  • 0 = Course (Sequential Numbering)
  • 1 = Operating System

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    PEN-100, WEB-100, SOC-100 & CLD-100