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The Learn Fundamentals annual subscription is now available. Gain access to the OffSec Training Library’s growing collection of 100-level tracks and Topics to help you develop the mindset and skills needed for a variety of cybersecurity job roles.


Learn Fundamentals Courses


Learn about Topics like web application basics, an introduction to cryptography and working with shells.


Learn about Topics in cloud security like containers, Kubernetes, and cloud architecture.


Learn about Topics like the SOC management process, enterprise architecture and Windows logging.


Learn about Topics like secure coding, web attacker methodology and input validation.

  • Access to all 100-level content for 1 year
  • Take assessments & earn badges*
  • Access to PEN-210 (WiFu) + 1 OSWP exam attempt
  • Access to PEN-103 (KLR) + 1 KLCP exam attempt
  • Easily Upgrade to an Advanced Subscription

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If you have any inquiries, do get in touch with us. And we pledge not to harass you with constant sales calls. We would be happy to discuss the specific training requirements you or your team may have. We are a service-focused business with no pressure.