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Learn one & learn unlimted

With Learn One & Learn Unlimited Subscriptions, you may access our advanced training courses.

New training

The cybersecurity training platform provides learning paths across offense cyber work roles, enabling orgs and learning institutions to upskill and develop cybersecurity professionals with OffSec’s world-class courses and hands-on, skill based labs.

Fundamentals are the necessary building blocks for those looking to better understand or dive into Infosec. They will allow orgs to widen the aperture of candidate pipelines and help improve competency across a baseline of Cybersecurity Fundamentals.

Subscription customers will have access to exclusive content that is only available to subscription customers.

Students can choose from a variety of complete cybersecurity courses, training anytime, anywhere. Everything you need for an integrated learning experience is in one place.

With monthly releases of new content, subscription customers will have first access to new course content, practice labs, learning units, future workshop content, and thought leadership.

Learn from a common UI to access book, videos, course labs, and your personal notes.

Qualifying enterprise customers can track student progress and certifications.

Sharpen pentesting skills in a standalone, private lab environment, with unlimited time and machines designed by OffSec experts.

Are you seeking offensive security training?

If you have any inquiries, do get in touch with us. And we pledge not to harass you with constant sales calls. We would be happy to discuss the specific training requirements you or your team may have. We are a service-focused business with no pressure.