Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

About Penetration Testing

Gain the necessary knowledge to enter the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux PEN-200 (PWK) course. PEN-200 has become an industry-standard for security practitioners who want to take a meaningful step into the world of professional penetration testing. PEN-100 was created to prepare beginner students with prerequisites before they start learning penetration testing. PEN-100 will introduce you to the main computing concepts and fundamentals necessary to learn
information security, such as cryptography, scripting, web applications, and working with shells. Students who complete PEN-100 will gain the necessary knowledge to enroll in PEN-200.

Core Topics


Learn about Topics like web application basics, an introduction to cryptography and working with shells.


Learn about Topics in cloud security like containers, Kubernetes, and cloud architecture.


Learn about Topics like the SOC management process, enterprise architecture and Windows logging.


Learn about Topics like secure coding, web attacker methodology and input validation.

NEW Subscription for 100-Level Content

OffSec’s entry-level, or beginner, training plan. Get annual access to all 100-level content (PEN-100, WEB-100, and SOC-100) with new learning tracks and reporting features
Fundamentals not only provides access to all 100-level courses, but will also offer Assessments and Badges upon successful completion.
Additionally, Learn Fundamentals includes access to PEN-103 (Kali Linux Revealed) and PEN-210 (Wireless Attacks).


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