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Video Analytics

Video Analytics

In the view of crimes and illegal activities, safety and security is of utmost importance for any organization. What enterprises require today is not just generic video surveillance that will be used to investigate the event after it has occurred. In order to safeguard employees and expensive assets from damage, it is extremely critical to choose the right security system. VMS for enterprises and corporates is a smart solution with preventive security that issues real-time alerts, thus enabling you to take timely action and prevent damage rather than just investigating at a later stage.

A video management system (VMS) orchestrates a surveillance workflow by integrating with cameras, encoders, recording systems, underlying storage infrastructure, client workstations, gateway systems and analytics software, mainly by providing a single interface for video surveillance infrastructure management.


Rooman provides consulting and integrations on

On-premises VMS – On-premises VMS solutions are best suitable for managing video surveillance of a single site. All the streaming, recording & management servers, storage devices & applications are installed locally on-site. This allows user to manage their security and connected device ecosystem from the site itself.

Cloud based VMS – The cloud-based VMS, unlike the on-premises VMS possesses higher flexibility and scalability. It allows the user to manage multiple sites, all at the same time – from any location and at any time.

Hybrid VMS – Hybrid VMS solution is a flexible surveillance solution, which generally comes with the capability of managing both analog and IP video signals simultaneously. It allows the enterprises to have traditional VMS solution to coexist with the functionalities of cloud Video Surveillance.

Rooman has partnered with global VMS solution providers offering various VMS.

Video Analytics

Video analytics is a capability of leveraging structured algorithms in a video management software to analyze the unstructured video data and generate actionable insights for immediate response and effective decisions.

Rooman has partnered with global VMS solution providers offering various Video Analytics solutions who provide both Edge Video Analytics and Server based Video Analytics.

Some of the Video Analytics:

Face Recognition Time Attendance System

Process Automation


Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Fire & Smoke detection

Object Detection & Counting

Intrusion detection

Crowd Detection

Abandoned Object Detection

Anti-camera tampering

Loitering Detection

Scene Detection

Gesture Detection

Motion Detection


No Parking Detection

Region of interest

Object identification

Speed Sensor

Voice alerts


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