Top Institution giving Cybersecurity/Ethical hacking training in India
Ethical hacking course

Top Institution giving Cybersecurity/Ethical hacking training in India

Rooman Technology Provide Ethical Hacking training in India.

Rooman Certified Ethical Hacking Professional certification or RCEH which enables us to analyze as well as understand computer security procedures through which corporate firms can be protected from any malicious data breaches. Rooman Ethical Hacking Course in India you get the certification that examines how much a student can use tools of penetration systems so as to test systems in computer and security networks and implement the same for ethical hacking.

What do you mean by Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is an art or you can say art of finding the loopholes into the systems. In today’s world, where social media has led to growing interplay between humans and technology, we’d like someone with vital skills to remain before potential threats. This process is named Ethical hacking because it’s planned, approved, and legal, unlike malicious hacking which is becoming increasingly popular due to the web and E-Commerce. An Ethical Hacker looks into the weakness of the system or networks that malicious hackers can exploit or destroy and arrives at solutions which will prevent data breaches.

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Overall Strategies for Approaching the Course Each student:

Technique to make every one learning the technology unique, so there is no single absolutely best way to approach this course and materials. We want to encourage you to move through the course at your own comfortable pace. You’ll also need to apply time management skills to keep yourself on track.

We recommend the following as a very general approach to the course materials:

  1. Review all the information included in the welcome and course information emails.
  2. Review the course materials.
  3. Complete all the course exercises.
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  4. Attack the lab machines.
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Why to enroll in R-CEH for Ethical Hacking Course in RooIndia?


Ethical Hacking Course in Rooman

Certification in Ethical Hacking course in Rooman Technologies unfolds an entire world dedicated to recovering vital information.

If used for harmful intent could pose a serious threat to a these followings :

  • Nation
  • Government agencies
  • Big organization causing serious reputational and financial loss

Ethical Hacking Course allows security professionals to realize expertise within the various hacking techniques and tools they want to force an entry system and to spot the areas of potential threat so that suitable counter-steps may be taken.

This ethical hacking training in Rooman Technologies course will introduce you the Augmented reality and side by side will take care of the moral learning, footprinting, reconnaissance, virus, bugs, vulnerability assessment, legality, and ethics. Other Topics are also included in this course like System Hacking, Networking, sniffers, testing penetration, Scanning, Hacking web servers, proxy servers,windows hacking, social engineering, and assessment of vulnerabilities.

Understanding the techniques of Hackers How they initiate attacks :

On various systems, computers, users, websites, and wireless networks there are a number of the techniques used by hackers. So the Ethical hacker is also going to use all this information to secure the organisation. The course will start with the fundamentals of how the system works then advance to debate its weaknesses. Students will learn to write down programs, shell scripting and should be able to learn the process of becoming an Ethical Hacker. The course will enable you to create your security and hacking tools with Python programs.

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