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About Web Development

This course will teach you the fundamentals of web technology. You will learn the major components and technologies that go into the design and development of large scale, high traffic web applications. At the end of the course, you will be very familiar with the tech vocabulary as well as all the different frameworks, libraries, and services used in building a modern web application.

Course Duration
Course Duration

210 hours

Course Outline

  • Introduction to html
  • Html documentation standards
  • Html tables
  • Html forms
  • Form validations
  • Semantic html
  • Introduction to css3, basic selectors
  • Working with sizes, colors and files, styling text
  • Web fonts, gradients without images
  • Advanced selectors, lists, and navigation menus
  • Exploring generated content
  • Transforms and transitions
  • Animating elements with keyframes
  • Styling tables
  • Multi-column layouts with css3
  • Dealing with cross browser layouts
  • Media queries, print css3
  • Visual rules
  • The box model
  • Changing the box model
  • Display and positioning
  • Introduction to Bootstrap framework
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Bootstrap Layout Components
  • Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins
  • Using Bootstrap
  • Grid
  • Utilities and Components
  • History and scope of javascript
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Scope
  • Loops
  • Iterators
  • Hoisting
  • Arrays
  • Fundamentals of objects
  • Strings
  • Date and Time
  • Javascript working with Webpages
  • Advanced functions
  • Object oriented Javascript
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Understanding DOM
  • DOM Events in JS
  • Prototyping in Javascript
  • EcmaScript-6 with Bable
  • Parcel
  • Webpack
  • Intro to Jquery
  • Event Handling in Jquery
  • Json
  • Ajax
  • Promises in Ajax
  • SPA’s and MPA’s
  • Introduction of React JS
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Rendering lists
  • Create forms
  • States
  • props
  • Components
  • React Routing
  • Reducers
  • Actions
  • Combining Reducers
  • Context API
  • Redux with client and server architecture

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