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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence


Build your Data Science Skills. Become a Machine Learning Engineer.

Data Science with Machine Learning & Python
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  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Scope of Data Science
  • Data Science Life Cycle
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals


  • Introduction to AI
  • Deep Learning
  • Keras and TensorFlow

Workshop Benefits

This workshop intend to provide you with overall overview of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. You will have a grasp on what to do to become a Data Scientist or AI Engineer. You will have a better view on what the industry is expecting from you as a promising Data Scientist. If you are an experienced person wanting to upgrade your career, you will have a clear path laid out in front of you.

Popular Career
Uncover the truth behind the hype, hottest job of 21st century
Data Science with Machine Learning & Python
Understand the Data Science Life Cycle
Machine Learning
Understand the Concept of Machine Learning
Career Growth
Learn the Path to shift your career to Data Science
Artificial Intelligence
Know about the revolution the Deep Learning has brought to Artificial Intelligence
Keras and TensFlow
Be acquainted with Keras and TensFlow

Who should attend this workshop?

Benefits of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Data Scientist Engineer
Rs. 16 L
Rs. 9 L
Rs. 6 L
Annual Salary
Rooman Placement Partners
Hiring Companies

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Build your Data Science Skills. Start a successful career in Data Science.

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