Broadband Technician is responsible for installation, configuration and testing of CPE (modem, routers and switches) for broadband access. He also establishes connectivity between CPE and end-user device (CPU, Laptop, tablets, Smart/IP TV etc.) at customer premises and carries out basic trouble-shooting for identifying, localizing & rectifying cable, connectivity and equipment fault in coordination with NOC.

This job rewuires the individual to have good communication skills with a clear diction; regional language proficiency; strong customer service focus; pleasant personality; should be self-motivated; should be able to apply practical judgement to successfully perform the assigned responsibilities and a team player with ability to work under pressure.


10+2 / ITI (Electronics)


system wiring & equipment installation at customer premises

  • Identify and mark cable route from PoP to customer premise
  • Identify and mark cable route within customer premise
  • Identify suitable position for equipment positioning
  • Undertake wiring, termination and equipment installation

configuration of equipment and establishing broadband connectivity

  • Configuration of CPE (wired and wireless)
  • Establishing connectivity with the service provider gateway
  • Establishing connectivity between CPE and end-user device

trouble-shoot to localize and rectify faults

  • Trouble shoot cable and connector faults
  • Trouble shoot CPE (modem, router, switch)
  • Trouble shoot configuration and connectivity issues between CPE & service provider gateway and between CPE & end user device
  • Report and document fault, corrective action and the status

ups installation & domestic power supply checks

  • Use of voltage/current meters
  • Power Supply checks at 5/15 Amp power socket
  • Earthing checks
  • Installation of UPS
  • Routing of supply to equipment through UPS
  • Precautions whilst handling live power supply
  • Familiasssrity with UPS (battery, charger etc.)
  • Basic maintenance of AC