Business Correspondents (BCs) & Business Facilitators (BFs) are representatives appointed by banks to act as their agent and provide banking services in remote locations where the bank does not have a presence in order to promote financial inclusion. The fundamental difference in the role of the BC and BF is that BCs are permitted to carry out regular transactions for customers on behalf of the bank.


Class X


sourcing new customers

  • Spreading awareness about banking and the bank's products
  • Understand the prospective customer's requirements and suggest appropriate product (savings account, loan account etc.)
  • Inform the prospective customer regarding application process, product terms and conditions etc

assist with application process

  • Conduct basic/preliminary verifications of primary information/data about the customer
  • Collection of documents
  • Confirm account opening approval & deliver related documents

facilitate/execute transactions

  • Carry out regular banking transactions for customers
  • Collect loan repayment
  • Resolve customer complaints and queries
  • Assist in termination of account

provide on-going services

  • Schedule and execute follow-up sessions and provide support services
  • Advise customers on services and other products
  • Assist with recovery