Course Outline


  • What is the Internet? What is the www and http? What is URL? What is Hyperlink?
    Intorduction to Server, Client, Search Engines and SMTP, Domains
  • What is HTML, What is DNS, how Web Works, Web Browsers, Leading web servers, Hosting
  • Wikis, Social Net working, Reliability and Information on the Web, RSS, Ethical Use of Information on the Web
  • Net work Overview, Web 2.0,Internet Protocols, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), E-mail Protocols, TCP/IP
  • Body, Head & Title, Headings and paragraphs, Bold, italic, emphasis, Structural and semantic markup, HTML Formatting tags
  • Numbered lists, Bullet lists, Definition lists, Creating links between pages, Linking to other sites, Email links
  • How to create tables, Adding a border, Aligning Table, Background color, Setting the width, Cell spacing & Cell padding, Frames
  • How to collect information from visitors, Different kinds of form controls, Difference between HTML 4 & HTML5, HTML5 features
  • Basic Structure of an HTML 5 Document, Geolocation, Browser that support HTML 5, Creating a simple program in HTML 5
  • Specifying different versions of HTML, Identifying and grouping elements, Comments, meta information and iframes
  • New Tags in HTML 5, The Markup Element, The Media Elements, The (CANVAS) element, Form Element
  • How to add Flash movies into your site, How to add video and audio to your site, X HTML5 video and audio elements


  • What CSS does, How CSS works, Rules, properties, and values, CSS3,

    Advantages of CSS3, Working with Styles, Modules of CSS3

  • How to specify colors, Color terminology and contrast, Background color,

    Size and typeface of text

  • Bold, italics, capitals, underlines, Spacing between lines,

    words, and letters

  • Controlling size of boxes, Box model for borders, margin and padding,

    Displaying and hiding boxes

  • Specifying bullet point styles, Adding borders and backgrounds to tables,

    Changing the appearance of form elements


  • Introduction to JavaScript, How to Add a Script to Your Pages,

    The Document Object Model

  • Starting to Program with JavaScript Variables, Operators, Functions,

    Conditional Statements, Looping, Built-in Objects

  • Form Validation, Form Enhancements, When to Validate, What You Can Check For,

    How to Check a Form, Checking Text Fields, Select Box Options, Radio Buttons

  • Form Enhancements, Focus on First Form Item, Auto-Tabbing Between Fields,

    Disabling a Text Input

  • Case Conversion, Trimming Spaces from Beginning and End of Fields,

    Selecting All the Content of a Text Area, Check and Uncheck All Checkboxes


  • Write a script to print " Hello World " in PHP, List common uses of PHP,

    List characteristics of PHP, List Data types, Declare Constants, Declare and Initialize Varaibles.

  • Minutes List Operators available in PHP, Use Arithmetic,

    Relational, Logical & Assignment Operators.

  • Write programs making decisions using( if, if .. else..., elfe if..., switch),

    Write programs using iterative control statements using while(do... while, for, for each)

  • Declare and Initialize One Dimensional Array,

    Declare and Initialize Two Dimensional Array

  • Read elements from One & Two Dimensional Array,

    Store elements into One & Two Dimensional Array

  • Declare and Initialize Strings,

    Manipulate Strings using String handling functions, Define a function, Invoke a function

  • Appreciate the necessity of modular programming,

    Open a file Read from file, Write into file, Close file

  • Validate String & Numeric Data using Regulat Expressions,

    List the features of Object Oriented Programming

  • Understand the significance of every feature of OOP,

    Build programs using Class Instantiate Class, Use Constructor to initialize, Use Destructor for clean up

  • Achieve static polymorphism,

    Achieve dynamic polymorphism, Identify the browser

  • Display images randomly, Use HTML forms

    Redirect Browser to other resource, Submit data to server using GET request

  • Submit data to server using POST request,

    Differentiate how GET is different from POST

  • Insert a record to database, Update a record,

    Retrieve Records Delete Record

  • Generate XML document, Read XML document,

    Make Asynchronous calls to server to send and receive Data.

  • Introduction to AJAX, Basics of Ajax,

    PHP with Ajax, Ajax PHP Framework

  • Sending Data to Server, Performing Validation,

    Polling Application

WordPress & Laravel

  • WordPress at a glance, Upgrading WordPress, New features of WordPress, Best Practices for upgrading WordPress, Importing and exporting data
  • General settings, Discussion settings, Permalink settings, Privacy settings, Reading settings, Writing settings, Miscellaneous settings
  • New features in WordPress, Creating content: Posts vs. Pages, How to write a Page in WordPress, WordPress categories explained
  • Using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), Managing Pages, Managing WordPress Tags, Managing your WordPress Media Library, Updating your WordPress Profile
  • Writing a Post, Managing Posts, Managing comments
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Making your content search-engine friendly, Installing analytics to deliver accountability and insight, Adding Facebook and Twitter buttons
  • Best Practices for upgrading WordPress, Managing WordPress users
  • Permission levels and log-ins, WordPress User Roles explained, Managing files, The WordPress Dashboard
  • Anatomy of a Wordpress Theme, How Themes work, Template files,
  • Typical Template files/folders included in a Theme
  • Understanding what to look for in plug-ins, Downloading and activating plug-ins, De-activating and deleting plug-ins
  • Upgrading a Wordpress Theme, Theme compatibility with Wordpress Upgrades, Theme compatibility with Plug-in
  • Setup software for laravel, Laravel Install, What is Composser?Composer installation and its use, Discuss about Virtual host and setup virtual host, Confirm everyone PC laravel setup successfully
  • What is Web and Web architecture, What is framework, Why we use framework, Difference between framework and CMS, Why laravel is best
  • What is Model View Controller, Hellow World in MVC, Practical session for Create Controller and a View, Laravel folder structure and why they use this folder
  • Create a Controller, Laravel Route technique, What is artisan in laravel, Why a laravel controller has some built in method if we create using artisan, What is master View page
  • How to call view and show output, Basic starting of Model(database) work, Store data in database and get data from database