MCSA Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure is a career defining certification offered by the Microsoft Corporation. It is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft – managed data centers. Azure also offers service hosting, service management and development facilities. Koenig offers Microsoft windows azure certification courses to explain how to create, deploy and manage. NET applications on Windows Azure that consists of main modules pertaining to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions training course.



1. We will make students to obtain authorized training that will prepare them for certification and booster their employment opportunities.

2. Working System administrators who have an expertise in designing, programming, implementing, automating and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions

3. Who have an experience in implementing and monitoring cloud and hybrid solutions and supporting application lifestyle management.


MCSA 2012/MCSA 2016


Total duration – 86Hrs

Part time - 43days, 2hours/day.

Full time - 11 days, 8hrs/day.

Key Benefits:

Azure Network, Virtual Networks, Azure App Services, Storage, Backup, Recovery Services, Azure SQL Database, Azure Active Directory, Azure-Based Management and Automation

Course Outline:

70-532:Developing microsoft® azure solutions

  • Overview of the Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS)
  • Perform configuration management
  • Configure ARM VM networking
  • Scale ARM VMs
  • Design and implement ARM VM storage
  • Azure Storage
  • Implement Azure storage tables and queues
  • Manage access and monitor storage
  • Implement Azure SQL Databases
  • Implement Azure DocumentDB
  • Implement Redis caching
  • Implement Azure Search
  • Integrate an app with Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  • Design and implement a messaging strategy , Develop apps that use AAD B2C and AAD B2B
  • Design Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Design Azure App Service API Apps
  • API Management & Azure DevTest Labs
  • Develop Azure App Service Mobile Apps & Other new Services

70-533: implementing microsoft azure infrastructure solutions

  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing and managing Azure Networks
  • Implement Virtual Machines
  • Implement Cloud Services
  • Implement Storage
  • Implement recovery services : Create a backup vault, Deploy a backup agent, Back up and restore data
  • Implement an Azure Active Directory
  • Implementing Web Apps

Career Prospects:

  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Architect