CCNA v3.0 R&S

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) will serve as a foundation pillar in your IT career. Offered by Cisco, it is a beginner level certification in networking that uses Cisco technologies and products. Cisco certification is a process that whips up benefits for employers and employees in the IT industry. Cisco certification make sure high standards of technical expertise. You can develop a complete understanding of Wide Area Networking and how various network topologies work together to form a network. This is helpful to every networking job and is the reason Cisco certification is in such high demand, even at companies with less Cisco devices. Achieving Cisco certification-at any level-means joining the ranks of skilled network specialist who have earned recognition and respect in the industry. The CCNA certification is the first in the new line of Cisco certifications and is a precursor to all current Cisco certifications.


1. We will make students to obtain authorized training that will prepare them for certification and booster their employment opportunities.

2. Working System Administrators/Network Administrators/IT professions who have an expertise in designing, implementing, automating and monitoring network configurations.


Networking (N+)


Total duration : 80 hrs.

Part time:40 days (2 hrs./day)

Full time:10 days (8 hrs./day)

Key Benefits:

IPv4 and IPv6,EIGRP,OSPF,RIP,BGP,WAN Technologies,VPNs,Infrastructure Services,Network Security,Layer 2 Protocols,VLANs and Trunking,Port Security & Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques.

Course Outline:


  • Internetworking concepts overview
  • Ip addressing
  • Ipv6 addressing
  • Assembling and cabling cisco devices
  • Operating and configuring a cisco ios device
  • Managing your network environment
  • Determining ip routes
  • Introducing link-state protocol OSPF
  • Introducing hybrid routing protocol EIGRP
  • Introduction to BGP
  • Basic ip traffic management with access lists
  • Implementing types of access lists
  • Scaling ip address space
  • Wan technologies
  • Introduction to frame relay
  • Introduction to VPN
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues using ICMP echo-based Ip SLA
  • Quality of service - QOS
  • Advance stp process
  • Virtual lans (VLANS)
  • Configuring layer 2 security
  • Configuring inter VLAN Routing
  • Switch ether channel
  • Device management - AAA
  • Introduction to cloud


1. Network Administrator

2. Network Analyst

3. Network Support Engineer