CCNA Data Centre

Data Centers are no longer viewed as just storage options but are a key strategic tool that businesses can leverage to arrive at informed business decisions. The CCNA Data Center v6.0 training will help establish your skills as a data center professional and train you on the necessary skills needed for you to configure and operate data center technologies and solutions, e.g. server, networking, unified computing, etc. The CCNA Data Center v6.0 certification course will cover topics like network virtualization, data center automation, storage networking, and provide you the knowledge on data center infrastructure.


1. we will make students to obtain authorized training that will prepare them for certification and booster their employment opportunities.

2. Experienced IT professionals who need to install, configure, and maintain data center technology. Gain grounding in data center infrastructure, data center networking concepts and technologies, storage networking, unified computing, network virtualization, data center automation and orchestration, and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).


Networking (N+) & CCNA


Total duration – 60 Hrs

Part time – 30 days, 2hours/day.

Full time – 8 days, 8hrs/day.

Key Benefits:

Ethernet communication functions and standards and TCP/IP models, Routing process on Nexus switches, Compare storage connectivity options in the data centre, Fibre Channel name server and fabric login (FLOGI) process, Configure Cisco Unified Computing System, Configure Cisco data center virtualization, Configure Cisco data center networking, Configure Cisco automation and orchestration Verify Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure.

Course Outline:

200-150 DCICN v6.0 (Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking v6)

  • Data Center Physical Infrastructure
  • Basic Data Center Networking Concepts
  • Basic Data Center Networking Concepts Continued
  • Describe switching concepts and perform basic configuration
  • Basic Data Center Networking Concepts Continuedd Neighbor discovery
  • Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts
  • Basic routing operations
  • Comparison between Different Protocols and Architectures
  • Compare and contrast the First Hop Redundancy Protocols
  • Compare and contrast common data center network architectures
  • Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts Continued
  • Basic Data Center Storage
  • Advanced Data Center Storage
  • Advanced Data Center Storage Continued
  • Describe Node Port Virtualization
  • Describe zone types and their uses
  • Verify the communication between the initiator and target

200-155 DCICT v6.0 (Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies v6)

  • Unified Computing
  • Perform basic Cisco UCS configuration
  • Describe server virtualization concepts and benefits
  • Network Virtualization
  • Describe the benefits and perform simple troubleshooting of VDC STP
  • Compare and contrast the default and management VRFs
  • Differentiate between the data, control, and management planes
  • Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies
  • Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies Continued
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Automation and Orchestration Describe the basic functions of a Cisco UCS Director
  • Application Centric Infrastructure
  • Application Centric Infrastructure Continued
  • Describe the ACI logical model


1. Datacenter Network Engineer

2. Operation Analyst

3. Associate Network Architect