Theft of credit card information due to various database breaches is a phenomenon that has become more prominent in the last few years amongst financial institutions and gaming companies, insurance organizations and more. These thefts cause damage of hundreds of millions of dollars in business, loss of capital due to leakages and the high operational cost of repairing organization's destroyed corporate image.

In order to eradicate this trend, credit card companies have joined together to create a data security credit card standard called PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Rooman's list of services cover this aspect too.

Benefits of the Standard:

  • Implementation of the PCI standard is part of the ongoing activity related to data security in the organization.
  • PCI DSS is in itself a form of immunity against prosecution and penalization of international credit card companies in the eventuality of a malicious attack on their corporate system and data leaks of credit card information and customer data belonging to their businesses.
  • An enhanced feeling of safety of the consumer and safety of the corporate image for the corporate service provider.
  • The PCI standard is the signal that the corporation is in line with international data security regulations in the fields of management, corporate processes and is certified by QSA for an additional year in practice.