We offer a range of outsourced Service Desk options for in-house IT teams and SMEs from overspill services, 1st line support or 3rd line escalation, to fully outsourced services for complete Service Desk support.

Our clients cover all markets and range in size from small to medium businesses to organisations with offices around the world. We will provide support that will meet your requirements perfectly.

We offer a range of Service Desk options, from a fully outsourced operation to particular aspects, such as overspill services, 1st line support call management and troubleshooting, or an expert 3rd line escalation resource for your own IT support team.

We can also provide full backfill for sick leave and annual leave, and we can cater for after-hours requirements, emergency escalations, or standby services. We recognise that every customer is unique, and we are happy to develop a solution to meet your requirements.

If you prefer, we can integrate with your ICT team so your end-users need never know that we're not a part of your business or that the support is outsourced